Pane Snapshots

I’d love the ability to take a “snapshot” of the current pane configuration to be saved in a favorites/presets list. This would include whatever notes are open. So you could have a preset of say 6 blank panes all pre-configured in a certain arrangement, or 4 specific notes in another arangement, or whatever…

Often ill get into a flow and start navigating rabbitholes, and suddenly i realize the entire interface has changed and there is no easy way to get back to where I started in each pane.

If there was a snapshot/presets option, I could create an arrangement, take a snapshot, go crazy exploring notes, then just hit a button and Im right back where i started :slight_smile:


i know this isnt what you’re asking for specifically, have you looked at the workspace file in the .obsidian directory inside your vault? you could fiddle with those to switch between layouts in the mean time?

Nope, I actually haven’t looked at the .obsidian directory yet. Will check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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If you’re on macOS, and use Keyboard Maestro, I made a simple macro to manage these workspaces:

Otherwise workspace management is actually a planned feature!

Yessss, thanks for the macros. That’ll do the trick til they get the official feature dialed in. Not sure how I missed that it was on the roadmap!