Page up/down still don't work in new editor

A follow-up to this: Page up/down don't work in new live preview editor

The behavior has slightly changed in 0.13.19 but is still not fixed.

The first time you press Page Up or Page Down, it only moves the text by ~2 lines up or down. Subsequent presses of the same button correctly move the text by a full page. But the first press (including if you switch directions) don’t work right.

For example, here is a screen cap of me alternating between single presses of Page Up and Page Down.

This happens in both live preview and source mode.

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I have looked in to this. This is really not a bug because the page-down is moving the cursor. I realized that the old editor acted differently (move the cursor down and the reset the view).
VScode also follows this no scroll behavior.

I’ll check if we can improve on this.

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