Page preview issues: properties not displayed and unable to edit

What I’m trying to do

When I trigger a page preview by hovering over a note link, I’d like the Properties UI to be displayed in the page preview.

edit to add:

Another possibly related issue with Page Preview is that it doesn’t allow me to click inside of and edit in the page preview window. Instead, when I click in the page preview window it disappears. This disappearing behavior occurs even in the sandbox / help vault, although it does not occur in the Ideaverse vault which I downloaded recently.

Things I have tried

  • verified that Settings → Editor → Properties in document is set to “visible” and that the Properties UI displays correctly in the normal note view
  • checked the Page Preview plugin settings for an option related to Properties (didn’t see one)
  • shut off all my CSS snippets and tried using different themes including Default (Properties still doesn’t show up in the Page Preview)
  • shut off all community plugins and tried again in the Default theme (still doesn’t work)
  • checked that the YAML text in the previewed note has no spaces after the closing --- line, and tried adding a blank line between the closing --- of the YAML and the first line of text (other people have reported Page Preview acting finicky depending on the exact formatting of the YAML)
  • searched for similar issues on the Obsidian help docs and the web
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Thank you for the link. I think I neglected to mention in my OP that in the Ideaverse vault, not only can I successfully edit in Page Preview, but I can also see Properties in the Page Preview. I had assumed that the difference in functionality was because of something not behaving correctly in my own vaults, but your link made me question that so I had a closer look at the Ideaverse community plugins and found the Hover Editor plugin was the cause for the difference. I’ve now installed the Hover Editor plugin in my vault and I get the desired behavior: notes displayed in Page Preview can be edited and they display properties.

Yeah, Hover Editor is great.

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