Packaged setup plugin

I just want a downloadable package that sets up a vault with necessary plugins, folders, themes for a specific use case, so that I can be off to the races immediately, instead of spending hours fussing and installing.

So for example:

  • first-year student
  • advertising agency in a box
  • zettelkasten

Obsidian could then offer a marketplace of these packages, allowing users to upvote and share with others.

Currently, I have to search for suggested plugins, look for advice, watch YouTubes on optimization, blah blah blah.

One click. Please. If you offered this, it would unlock the app for so many more people who are otherwise put off by the learning curve.

Set up the vaults as you deem fit and compress them. The recipients only need to unzip the file, and off they go.

Here are some vaults you can try: 🗂️ Vaults - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish

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This is a great work-around – thank you for suggesting it. But it isn’t a proper solution.

There needs to be a marketplace for sharing these vaults so that regular people can access them, see them categorized, rated and reviewed, then download them via one-click. Think about the ease of how we install themes.

And really, there is no need for a zipped vault at all. Why not just have a macro that assembles each part of the vault from a series of instructions?

I’m sure there are people eye-rolling at me right now lol, but I come at this after spending too much time trying to explain the power and flexibility of Obsidian to regular people. They sometimes see it but the admin hurdles are too massive for easy adoption. That friction needs to go.

Thank you.

A marketplace would suggest endorsement, management, categorisation etc. of some kind.

I don’t think it gets easier than to zip a vault and forward it to interested parties, be it for educational purposes or sharing.

My 2 cents.

P.S.: The vault even does not have to contain any notes. :wink:


I have downloaded, used, and recommended “pre-built” vaults before; Example workflows for Obsidian and the Dataview example vault come to mind. Both are great and I learned a lot.

The biggest issue I see with something like this (and it happens already) is folks downloading an elaborate vault full of complicated plugins hoping to have the perfect setup for XYZ but not understanding how vanilla Obsidian and the plugins work or interact. They are going to hit a wall sooner rather than later and have no idea how to troubleshoot the issue because they’ve spent no time reading the documentation or setting the plugins up fresh themselves. You have to put the work, or at least the time, in.

I think adding to the Hub site Cawlin linked or a new one collecting ready-to-go vaults could be a good resource.

My 2 yen. :yen: