Outliner for the folders/files structure?

I am trying to find a way to create an outline note that shows a tree outline of my current folders/files. That would be a meta-file explorer that maintains a live TOC of files and would support:

  1. moving entries around the TOC, into different folders and up/down within the same folder.
  2. using a meaningful alias for each entry (Citations can generate less useful filenames from Zotero)
  3. allowing collapsing/expanding branches
  4. dynamically updating when files are added/deleted
  5. emulating File Explorer when you click on/preview/delete a note

I know many people prefer flattened vaults and links/tags, but in my workflow tree structuring+links/tags is essential. So far, I have experimented with aliases, Outliner, File Tree Alternative, Bartender, Citations. I considered Dataview but it looks complicated for this.

How would you do this?

I should have added that Markdown Title Sidecar and variants would do much of this but they are not on the official repository, and this approach is less future-proof in that without Obsidian and the plugin you lose your outline.

Zoottelkeeper does some of what you want (maybe not enough) and is in the official repository.

(Why is this whole thread bold? D: )

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