Outline "Snap To" Location in Note

Use case or problem

Currently, if I click on a heading within a note that is above or below the visible portion of the note outline, I have to scroll the outline itself to find my heading.

If I click on a heading that’s already visible in the outline, its highlighted, which is wonderful. But if the heading is beyond the visible portion of the outline, I have to go find it.

Proposed solution

I would like to have the note outline “snap to” the heading for my cursor location in the note itself.

So, I would scroll through the note until I got to the heading where I wanted to work. When I click the heading or the text beneath, the outline would snap to that location, displaying the heading where I’m working.

This would allow me to quickly view nearby headings, without having to manually find my place in the outline.

Current workaround (optional)

Scroll in the outline to find your place. I’ve seen that some people have suggested using numbered headings to help find your place more quickly.

Related feature requests (optional)


Per Rigmarole: “Including: if you use the command Open outline of the current file , it should scroll to the header position you were at when you ran the command.”

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Workaround: The Quiet Outline plugin supports this. (It includes some other nice features too, but also has some tradeoffs, including lack of drag-drop rearranging.)

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Do you mean you can’t drag drop rearrange in the outline, or in the note?

But you can do this with the core Obsidian outline?

In the core Outline you can rearrange sections of the note by dragging its headings around in the Outline tab. In Quiet Outline you can’t.

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