Option to reverse back to opening in new pane with Cmd+Click

Use case or problem

After Tabs is officially introduced, holding Cmd while clicking on a link will open the note in a new tab instead of a new pane. However, I’m one of the people who use panes much more frequently than Tabs. Holding two keys (cmd+opt) to open a note in new pane can be frustrating, since I always hold just cmd key out of habit.

Proposed solution

A setting/option to toggle the behaviors of clicking an internal link while modifier keys, e.g. Open in new Pane vs new Tab by clicking while holding Cmd.

Current workaround (optional)



I completely agree with this. The new shortcuts are infuriating.

I think the logical option here would be something like this:

  • Cmd+Click opens in:
    • Tab (default)
    • Pane

This would simply swap the Cmd+Click and Cmd+Opt+Click behaviors.

I’m not sure if a plug-in would be able to accomplish this since it’s fundamental behavior, and I don’t think it’s possible to assign shortcuts since these modifiers aren’t listed as actions.

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To be clear, I think tabs are a good addition, but tab-first and pane-first workflows should both be supported, especially since panes are so fundamental to a lot of existing workflows.

While we’re at it, I’d also like to have an option to hide the tab bar if only one tab exists in a given pane. This shouldn’t be a difficult change with the exception that there would need to be support added to drag panes around using the title bar, since right now the tab is (I believe) the only available drag handle.


I agree with everything said here. While the tabs are cool and all, they’re more of a distraction than help. I would just like an option to return the original ctrl + click behaviour

I’m not sure if a plug-in would be able to accomplish this since it’s fundamental behavior

It might well be possible, a bit like the Doubleshift plugin opening the Command Palette with two quick taps on the shift button.

I believe the change was made to match the behavior of other apps that use tabs, such as browsers and VS Code.

However, I have no objections at all to there being a way to switch the behavior back for those who want to do so, either with a plugin or a toggle in the settings.

Personally, though, I prefer the new shortcuts as I’m finding myself using tabs much more than I ever used multiple panes, probably because I work on a laptop screen a lot, and sometimes on my phone with a Bluetooth keyboard.

But I know how hard these changes can be. I’m still getting used to a few that disrupted my workflow a bit, but understanding why the changes were made has helped, and believe it’s all been well worth it. I’m thrilled with the new version on both desktop and mobile and never want to go back to the old one.