Option to reverse Arrow direction in Graph View

Usually we do [[Link]] references like :

Conclusion → [[References]]
→ [[Evidences]]
→ [[Definitions]]

What if we are able to reverse arrow direction and present causal relationship in Graph View :

[[References]] →
[[Evidences]] → Conclusion
[[Definitions]] →



Have you found a solution to this? I’m having the same issue here

Still not.

Let’s explain the feature a bit more.

The most natural habitual way we put down a [[Wikilink]] is when we refer to [[References]] / [[Evidences]] / [[Definitions]] in the middle of a “downstream” concept. In the Graph View, arrows point from “downstream” / complex concepts to “upstream” / simple / elementary / consistuent concepts. If you follow the arrows, you trace from bottom to top of the Tree of Knowledge.

How to trace from top to bottom of the Tree of Knowledge instead?

I use some odd rules to decide and manipulate which direction an arrow should point to. I stick to the rules, so that the entire knowledge network can have the interpretation I want. :upside_down_face:

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