Option to not show release notes after update

Use case or problem

Whenever the app updates, a Release Notes tab is automatically shown when the app is opened the next time. I don’t want that, it’s just extra work to close the tab every time.

Proposed solution

Add a configuration option to not show the release notes tab. This is a standard feature in other software that show release notes after update.

Current workaround (optional)




It disrupts my work and thinking when I open Obsidian and the note I was working on is no longer active. I want the app to keep my place always.

Alternatively, don’t make the release notes automatically become the active note.


It disrupts me as well.

Opening the note as an inactive tab still gives an unnecessary task of closing the tab for people that don’t want it at all. It has the same vibe as getting junk mail that goes straight in the trash.

+1000, this is an incredibly disruptive and annoying ““feature”” and apps that don’t have the option to disable it amount to adware in my eyes. This is an especially ridiculous oversight for a notes application, where more often than not the context in which people are navigating to your app is to record a thought.

Google does this in damn near all of their apps now, and it’s no small part of why I’ve largely migrated away from their stack (including applications I formerly thought critical - simply too many ads and too little user control now). I am not interested in dropping whatever I am doing to “go check out” some new feature I may or may not use. I nearly lost a train of thought with this garbage coming up, which is a sin for any program but a cardinal sin for a notes program of all things. I would have thought the creators and maintainers of such an app understood something so basic.

This isn’t just a minor annoyance, it should be considered a major issue. Fix it, give your users the option to, or watch them fork or switch to something they actually have control over.

Alternatively, don’t make the release notes automatically become the active note.

Who wants the background clutter? This should be opt-in only. The rest of us know where to go to catch up on new features.

Whenever the app updates

Good point and thank you @Tacking, until this issue is resolved I’m simply blocking this app from the internet. (After an app’s lost trust with me, I prefer using external fixes so I never have to try wrangling it or appealing to what it does ““allow”” again)

Seriously infuriating.

+1 it feels forced

For such a customizable program, I’m surprised there isn’t already an option.

VS Code has the option, for good reason: Visual Studio Code keeps opening the release notes - Stack Overflow

+1 to this. Release notes interrupt my flow.