Option to Modify Translucency Level in CSS

Please consider allowing the users to modify the translucency in a way that changes the background opacity but keeps the text opacity.

Reasoning: Twofold

  1. General aesthetics; since we can control so much of the user experience already, this seems like a reasonable add-on to an existing feature.

  2. Appeal to new users: many people who are accustomed to text editors and coding really enjoy customizing the UI; this could be an advantage over other competitive products.

Proposed solution

Allow the --opacity-translucency setting to modify the opacity of the background instead of the entire app, or add an additional CSS class to accomplish background opacity separately.

Example 1

This is how it works in iTerm; the image shows a terminal window positioned over the browser window with the forum loaded behind it:

Example 2 (less extreme):

iTerm prefs 2

Related feature requests (optional)


Thanks for posting this detailed request.

I would love this option as well because personally I think the current translucent window plugin sacrifices readability for aesthetic by not leaving the opacity of text unchanged. The text should stay opaque and sharp regardless of background translucency and/or blurriness.

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