Option to enable Translucency Plugin on a per-pane basis

The new Translucency plugin in 0.8.14 looks gorgeous, but I would love to have to ability to configure the Translucency plugin on a per-pane basis because I want my note pane(s) opaque and only the side bar(s) translucent, similar to how translucency works in macOS Big Sur:

This way, the translucent side bar(s) offer the visual depth while the main content stays opaque to avoid distraction.

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Is there a functionality reason behind translucent windows or panes? Or is it just makes the program look modern stylistic type of thing?

I’d say it’s primarily a modern stylistic choice, at least that’s the reason I want to adopt this new look.


I searched in the discord server and turns out it’s possible to tweak this plugin in CSS, including adjusting opacity and turning off translucency for individual panes.

Still, I think it would be nice to add a “Translucent window” section under Preferences > Plugin (similar to other plugins) so that users can adjust opacity on a per-pane basis without having to dig into the CSS file.