Option to Embed Canvas in a note

I’m new to canvas and may be doing things incorrectly.

Is it possible to embed a Canvas in a note -
That’s what I tried, and it evidently didn’t work

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You can use the ![[filename.canvas]] syntax to embed the canvas in your notes. You can also drag canvas files from your “Files” explorer into your notes.

Apparently embed functionality isn’t fully implemented as yet.

I see just placeholder blocks. I was expecting more.

I figured that I needed to export canvas to png then use it as need be.



I tried to publish an embedded canvas, but it does not work. Are there any plans to support publishing a canvas to Obsidian Publish?

The feature is not yet ready, you can see the discussion in this post


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Thank you for sharing link! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, I found that link too because I had the same question as you.


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