Option to display heading without note title in internal links

Use case or problem

I link to specific headings a lot, but usually don’t want the note title to be displayed (for example Obsidian by default displays Note > Heading and I usually just want it to display Heading ).
Currently I have to use a pipe and retype the Heading every time, which gets repetitive and tedious ([[Note#Heading|Heading]]).

Proposed solution

It would be great to have a setting that toggles how links to headings are displayed, where you can select the current implementation (Note > Heading), or change it to display only the Heading.

Current workaround

User cobalt has posted a workaround possible as a plugin. A plugin using this code can be found here


+1 for this option as i use it frequently. altho i think adding the heading to the list that appears for aliases after typing “|” is going to be enough

on other thing that i want and here maybe relevant is the ability to get all the heading in a note in a linked format like above. that is going to save me so much time for making Table of Contents

I’ve made a plugin from the workaround, which is a fine fix for while this isn’t a feature in obsidian.

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thanks for solving this issue for good
another necessary problem related to this is adding aliases to wikilinks. there is plugin for external links which when i have a url in my clipboard and past it into a selected text it make it into a link and title for it. it would be really nice if there was such a feature for wikilinks too. making such a result [[copied link|selection pasted into]]. i wonder if you can add it to your plugin in the future.

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That is an interesting idea, which would be useful. Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to add a feature like that, but I’ve submitted a feature request to the plugin you’re talking about, I think it would be a great addition to it. You can head over there and show some support for the request!

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Sure, although I thought I already had made a request. maybe I am confusing it what something else that I can’t remember right now.

Your suggestion is interesting and a bit different with what i had in mind. i was thinking about using it with this plugin which is saving me so much trouble these days. it would be very nice if he adds both of these changes to the plugin