Auto-Fill [[Note#Header]] links as [[Note#Header|Header]]

Right now if we create links to specific headers in a note it creates [[Note#Header]] which just looks like “Note#Header” in Reading mode. In order to get [[Note#Header|Header]] I have to go back into the link and manually add it every time I want to link to that header — it’s a hassle.

I’d like to have this auto-fill, so that when I type “[[Note#Header” I can smack the enter key and get “[[Note#Header|Header]]” by default.

Ty for reading ily.


Very similar—maybe duplicate even. Option to display heading without note title in internal links


There is this plugin which shows header name for the links by default, obsidian://show-plugin?id=link-headers-directly

Unfortunately is doesn’t work in live-preview any longer.

Good find. Same problem, different proposed solution.

Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn’t sure how to search for it since it could be phrased so many different ways.