Option to disable animations on mobile

When I’m using obsidian on mobile, animations are getting pretty frustrating, especially when I need to quickly switch between apps and the files.

The most annoying one is the toolbar (the one above the keyboard) slowly sliding up from under the keyboard. If I switch to a different file and want to quickly do something (like clicking a search button or jump to the end button, or open the “Show context menu under cursor” menu), I have to wait for the bar to slide up.

It’s not too slow, but it’s just slow enough to be frustrating every time.

Plus the motion itself is distracting, the toolbar is pulling attention to itself, when it should just be there.

Unless there’s some technical limitation I’m not aware of, I’d really like to be able to disable the animations entirely, UX would be so much better this way.


I have to agree with this and would like to suggest to have this extended to the desktop application also.

On all of the platforms I use (Windows, macOS and iOS) I disable as many animations as possible. I would much rather prefer a workflow which prioritises speed and efficiency over eye-candy.


+1 for both versions. The reason: eink screens. Without the animation when scrolling through the content, the screen remains sharper longer.


I just found out we can do that already. You just have to init the .exe with the parameter --disable-smooth-scrolling.

Unfortunately I can’t do that on iOS, and mobile version is where I’m annoyed by the problem the most (doesn’t really bother me on desktop for some reason).

Same problem… Animations on mobile are so annoying (especially switching between file explorer and search) and there’s no way to disable them.

I’d like to have an animation speed factor in settings, which can be set to 0, disabling animations altogether.

Also I noticed the left pane (on the mobile, of course) gets opened as much as fast as in Keep, but slower than in Slack, much slower than in Discord and Telegram (where it’s instant)… but switching between File Explorer / Recent Files / Search in the left pane feels just a bit slower the the left pane itself! And it’s infuriating.