Option to cycle through tabs in recently used order

Use case or problem

Currently, you can use hotkeys to go to the next tab or the previous tab. However, most of the time, I want to go to the most recently used tab instead.

Proposed solution

In Firefox, there’s an option to toggle between these two options, and there should be an option like this in Obsidian too.

Related issues


Workaround: GitHub - phibr0/cycle-through-panes: Cycle through Panes - Obsidian Plugin

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THANK YOU! Finally someone else said what I’ve been trying to say since the release of v1.0


The Focus on last active pane hotkey enables me to go to the most recently used tab. However, it doesn’t not allow me to go to the 2nd/3rd/etc. most recently used tab, so it only solves a part of the problem.

An implementation like Firefox’s is still needed.


Might have better odds of getting the rest implemented if making a feature request on that plugin

It’s already proposed actually, but sadly the dev said they didn’t have time for it

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I would also love to have this feature. Thank you!

Agreed, this should be an option. Chrome style tab traversal is infuriating, because it’s different from how every other tabbed program on windows works.

MRU switching allows one to quickly alternate between two tabs without having to rearrange them to be next to each other, or even look to see where they are in the tab bar.

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@dlccyes @BlackHawk @adsilcott I’ve now released a new version to cycle-through-panes with support for holding the ctrl key pressed like in a browser.


Thanks, this works perfectly!

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@Vinadon , this is wonderful, thank you so much!

For the community, I had to do 3 things to get everything working subsequent to installing cycle-through-panes:

  1. In Preferences > Community Plugins, enable the Cycle Through Panes plugin. (It was initially disabled for me.)
  2. In Preferences > Hotkeys, assign “Cycle through Panes: Go to next tab” and “Cycle through panes: Go to previous tab” to Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab, respectively.
  3. Also in Preferences > Hotkeys, unbind Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab from their default Obsidian bindings.
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