Go To Last Tab hotkey doesn't work (v1.0)

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Loving the new tabs! But I can’t get the hotkey Ctrl+Tab to work for going to last tab (this is what I use for every single app with tabs).

I think I set it up correctly, but it does nothing at all:

Ok, I found something - the hotkey actually works, but NOT the way (I think) it should.
‘Go to Last Tab’ is actually taking me to the ‘last tab in the tab bar’, but that’s hardly ever useful - I need to switch between current tab and ‘last tab I used’, kind of like Alt-Tab between two applications being referred/used simultaneously.

The command you want is “go to previous tab” and not “go to last tab”

“go to last tab” is last tab (in order) not recent

The default hotkey for “go to previous tab” is ctrl + shift + tab.

The default hotkey for “go to next tab” is ctrl + tab.

That’s pretty defacto standard shortcuts for tab UIs

You’re partly correct. I know about the Go To Previous/Next tab commands, and I already changed the hotkeys for them to Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn - which I believe is more of the standard with most apps I use (several editors like SciTE/Notepad++ and browsers including Chrome).

Like I mentioned above, I want a hotkey to go to Last Used Tab, not Previous Tab in tab bar. This is to quickly switch between two tabs using the same key combination.

There is no “last tab used” and history is per-tab.
“go to last tab” has nothing to do with history.
You might consider submitting this as a feature request.

And ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab work in chrome as well FYI
It’s debatable which is “more standard”

This is doable using GitHub - phibr0/cycle-through-panes: Cycle through Panes - Obsidian Plugin

I don’t think so - I got excited seeing that plugin and tried it, but it only traversed the tabs in the order they’re in the tab-bar, not in the order last-used. Unless I missed enabling some option or used it wrong, this plugin is useless for me, so I uninstalled it.

You missed it:

  • Set hotkey in settings to focus on last active pane

No I believe you’re missing it: “Set hotkey in settings to focus on last active PANE
This whole topic is about tabs. That’s ok, I missed it too initially.

Did you actually try it?
If you try it, you’ll find that it does go back to the previous note, regardless of whether it’s in another tab or another pane.
It was designed for split panes, but when v1.0 came out with tabs, the plugin still kept working reasonably well without knowing how to distinguish between tabs/panes.

Try it out.

Yes I tried it - twice - and I’m willing to give it another shot only if I knew what to do different.
Could you maybe make a screencast showing setting up correct options and usage?

Weird. Yeah there’s no config, so I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

Both of these work for me:

The only thing I can suggest at this point is that you may have a conflict with your hotkey, so please try a hotkey that’s unique just to try.

Also, it doesn’t work perfectly. For example, if you open a blank tab. There are probably other edge cases.

Okay third time is a charm - I can’t explain it but it works now (kinda).
It (now) lets me use Ctrl+Tab to go to last Tab, but with Ctrl still pressed if I press Tab again, instead of bringing me to the Tab further down the queue, I come back to the first Tab.

So, not ideal by any stretch, but still better than nothing.
Thank you though for being stubborn, it kept me retrying lol

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