Option to auto-replace certain letters

Somewhere, the option to map a combination of key presses to some other output, as can be done in Microsoft Word. The biggest use I would have for this would be remapping two hypens to an em-dash, since for SOME reason keyboards don’t have an em-dash key built in.
This could be part of the spell checker, though I personally would like it as a separate option/plugin, for use in code, or just for filling out complicated key formations.

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What OS are you using?

If I understand what your asking for it may be a good use case for

It handles text triggers and expansion. It works on Mac, Linux and windows. You could add a trigger to do the em-dash replacement

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Windows 10.

I’ve seen espanso mentioned in some other threads, is that its use case? I suppose that would be a solution, though I would still like a more robust user dictionary in Obsidian.

This is tightly connected:

To reply to @Silvestris, yes, it’s one of the use cases for Espanso. Other things you can do with it is to automatically fix English (UK) to English (US) or vice versa, to insert emojis, or to create templates that you could use whenever you start a new note (for example, you type :temp and it replaces it with whichever Markdown code you want to have there).


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