Option for tab labels

Use case or problem

If there is two files with the same name but under different directories, when both are opened it’s not clear which tab is which.

Proposed solution

An option similar to VSCode’s "workbench.editor.labelFormat" where the user can configure how the tab labels are displayed.

Value Description Example
short parent foo/bar
medium relative path (to vault) notes/foo/bar
long full path /home/usr/alexion/vault/notes/foo/bar
default parent when another tab with a similar name is open foo/bar

I don’t see myself ever using the long option but included it for completeness.

Current workaround (optional)

Closest thing to a workaround is enabling the tab title bar to be able to see the breadcrumbs, but if not in any of the same name tabs it’s not clear.

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See Allow show folder path in title

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