Opening developer console

What I’m trying to do

I need to fill a bug ticket for a plugin I use, but they’re asking for developer console error log.
But I do not know how to open it and there is - to my knowledge - no shortcut listed in the Settings panel.

macOS → cmd+option+i
Windows → ctrl+shift+i

The Console tab at the top should do it. Sometimes it’s already visible on the lower right.

For me the Dev Tools doesn’t open with this command. Can you post a Screenshot how it should look?
I would like to make some CSS style and get the element tag, but I can’t get the tool open.
Did they remove it in the new version?

You should be able to open if from the obsidian menu:

View > Toggle Developer Tools

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How to get the view option? If I open the options, there is only a toggle reading view option. I’m using windows and there are no options on the top as on Mac.

Maybe I understand the developer tool wrong. Are they like the F12 options in the browser?

Ok I found it!

Normally the options are hidden. But when you go to Settings → Appearance → ‘Window frame style’ and change there from “hidden (default)” to “Obsidian frame” than there is the Menu where I can change like you told me. After the relaunch everything is visible. S

Thanks for that!

To add to the list for if anyone comes across this topic in the future:

GitHub - chrisgrieser/obsidian-theme-design-utilities: Some Utilities and Quality-of-Life Features for Designers of Obsidian Themes has a command, Toggle Devtools, that you can set a hotkey to or run from the command palette to open / close the dev tools.


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