Opening attachments in external program freezes interface

Steps to reproduce

  1. Attach any external file that isn’t natively supported by obsidian (and so opens in an external app)
  2. Open the file

Expected result

File is opened in foreground, but obsidian is still fully interactive.

Actual result

Obsidian freezes until the external program the attachment is open in is closed.


  • Operating system:
    Arch Linux
  • Obsidian version:

this is a problem with your window manager not obsidian.

If anyone’s using Leftwm and experiencing this problem, I made a issue report here

This has been report other times for niche windows manager on linux. I don’t know what they do differently from say kde, gnome, xfce or the other major ones. This is a workaround from a user

Another thing. The arch package is provided by third party and we don’t officially support it.

A dev of my WM said in the issue I made is that it’s not a problem with the window manager. I have not had any similar issues with my WM. The AppImage has the same problem. My guess is that this has something to do with threading/queuing but I don’t know. Implementing a similar functionality to what is done in the workaround with & disown I’d assume would fix it.

@WhiteNoise Is this being looked at?

no, sorry. We don’t have the resources to look into niche configurations like yours and frankly I am not even convicted this is our problem since it works fine in kde and gnome.