Opening a folder as vault fails with file not found error if a file has a hash # in its name

Hi, I tried to use the official Android application on some of my existing notes on my mobile and stumpled on this issue. The app could not open a folder as a vault if there is a file with a hash # in its name. I had not tested with other special character.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create an empty folder.
  • Create a Markdown file whose name contains a hash #. For example: Meeting All-Hands
  • Open Obsidian Android App, choose “Open folder as vault”.
  • Select the folder.

Expected result

Obsidian Android app opens the vault with a note in it.

Actual result

The app show an error “File does not exist”. The app does not show which file causing the problem to troubleshoot.


  • Operating system: Android
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.2

Additional information

Please, search before posting.

Hi @WhiteNoise

I did search on this topic before creating this Bug Report.

The topic Poor Handling of `#` character in the filepath (aka hashtag, pound, octothorpe) - #11 by mmartin whose the final post was marked as a Solution with the following conclusion:

If I understand that right, Obsidian will support filename containing hash character. That is not the case with Obsidian Android app. Furthermore, even if Obsidian does not support it, the app refuses to load the folder without showing why.

This took me long enough to find out out of dozen of my notes. Then search for a place to see where I could report this. Searched on this forum if it was a known issue. Decided to post this because I thought it was a bug.

Thanks for creating Obsidian!

Thank you for linking to that post!

The post did not come up with my search “Obsidian android bug # file name” (unsure if this is Discourse’s issue or not).

It makes sense to move mine into graveyard. Thanks for your time!