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The new pinned tab behaviour seems to have introduced issues with workspaces.

I have a workspace with two vertical left panes that are both pinned (my main index files). Clicking a link in those files would automatically open those links in the right pane. With the new behaviour those files open in a new tab instead of to the right. The option “Open to the right” also does no longer work; links are then opened below the pinned tab.

Is there a way to revert to the old behaviour? Perhaps I am overlooking a setting?

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This is the new normal ^

This is not okay. I’ll look into it

If you drag your index note in one of the sidebars and pin it, it should work the way you are used to.

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

Would there be a way to make the new normal optional so that users can chose if they want to have files open in a new tab or not? The new normal seems to completely change how users can work with multiple panes.

So in my case, also enable the old behaviour where clicking a link in a pinned pane opens the file in another pane, not a new tab?

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If you drag your index notes in the sidebars, it should work the way you are used to.

Sorry, only saw this after I posted my reply, will try it out.

This indeed works as it used to but this removes the option to have other things open in the sidebars (like bookmarks).

My default workspace would like this (left to right): sidebar with bookmarks, left pane with index notes, right pane with atomic notes.

If clicking links in pinned tabs can only open in new tabs in the same pane it removes much usefulness of the panes for me. If this would be optional (clicking a link in a pinned pane opens the file in another pane OR a new tab) then this would offer maximum flexibility.

(Sorry, I am not trying to be a pain here, it’s just that my workflow has really been turned upside down by the new behaviour.)


You can stack panels in the sidebar and there are two sidebars.

You can also ctrl-alt-click to force open to the right.

I don’t think we are gonna add a toggle for the old behavior but feel free to open a FR. Sorry!

will be fixed 1.3.1

That is good to hear, thanks. I will also open an FR for the toggle.

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Somebody already did.

Already done:

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Excellent, thanks!

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