Open Settings in a new window by default

Use case or problem

Whenever making any setting change, especially ones that we can look at what the change does, for example font-family, it becomes difficult to check on smaller screen sizes since the settings modal hides most of the note behind.

Proposed solution

Now that Obsidian can open new windows, it only makes sense that the setting is a window by itself so it can be dragged and resized separately while looking at the changes in the notes/interface behind clearly.

Current workaround (optional)

There’s no workaround for this presently, except to keep opening/closing the settings modal after checking if the changes were satisfactory. Some plugins like Style Settings, which have config for many themes, can open in a new pane which is slightly useful since that pane can be dragged to one side. I guess settings could open in a new pane as well which is set to be in a new window by default.


YES. I would love to stop pogo-ing in and out of Settings. This is useful not only for my own settings, but also for trying things when responding to forum questions.

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This would be wonderful. It’s terribly frustrating tweaking fonts/colors/spacing/etc (Style Settings: I’m looking at you… but in general) and you need to close the settings window to see if you like the change or not. Rinse and repeat.

At least for the Style Settings, you have a solution already. You can open Style settings from the quick switcher directly instead of the settings so that it will open in its own pane. You can then stack that pane or open it in new window.


Always learning. Great tip, thanks!

OMG, THANK YOU. I did not know this!