Cmd+w should close the settings pane

Use case or problem

I’m used to navigating macOS with keyboard shortcuts.

I can open Obsidian settings with the conventional cmd+, but unlike in most apps I can’t close the settings pane/window with cmd+w. This slows me down and causes some frustration.

There is the “esc” key, but that will only close the settings pane if at the top level. Otherwise it just goes back a level. If I’m looking at the details of a community plugin, esc brings me back to the plugin list, esc again to the top-level settings pane, and esc again finally closes it.

Proposed solution

For cmd+w to close the settings pane.

I don’t believe it conflicts with anything. It currently seems to have no effect.

“Esc” should remain since it does something different and useful.

Two preemptive examples of cmd+w closing things that aren’t strictly windows:

  • Chrome settings open a tab that (like other tabs) can be closed with cmd+w
  • Arc “Peek” windows are modal, much like Obsidian settings, and can be closed with cmd+w (or “esc”)

Related requests

Implementing settings as a new window would probably get cmd+w closing for free. But until it happens (if at all), my proposal would be an improvement.

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Right now, the setting is a modal window. Not a pane, nor a tab, nor an independent window. Hence why cmd/ctrl-w do not make sense.

Modal windows of other applications in macOS are closed with the CMD+W combination, but for some reason this does not make sense in Obsidian.

Yeah, there are other examples (I gave one in my original post). There isn’t a strong idiom either for or against cmd+w being “allowed” for closing a modal.

To me, that combined with the convenience makes it worth it.

Two further ideas to maybe make it more palatable:

  1. Make it a configurable keyboard shortcut so you can at least opt into (or maybe out of) it.

  2. And/or do what Raycast does and have cmd+esc close all the way back to the top level. This would IMO be better than nothing but worse than cmd+w for being less discoverable.