Open settings in a new tab

Use case or problem

As tabs are supported natively, can we have an option to open the settings in a new tab.

This can help avoid making changes in the settings pane, closing it, checking the changes in the editor and hopping back to the settings pane to make further changes. This will be very helpful when we are updating any settings related to themes as one needs few iterations to get to the desired result

Proposed solution

Open settings in a tab.

Current workaround (optional)

Multiple time opening and closing the settings pane.


Having the settings in a new tab or a modal that can be moved would be nice. As a workaround, I have used a note in a separate windows to watch any changes I make to the settings.


I’ll echo my desire for this; I want to be able to open Obsidian settings within a new window, or a pane, so that I can make changes as I am using other panes and testing settings.

Devs, is this possible at all? Via a plugin or CSS perhaps?