Open file corrupted when laptop shuts down due to low battery

Hi everyone,
I use Obsidian for everything, such as taking notes for the courses of my master’s program. However, two of my files have been corrupted for the same reason, and it is obviously very frustrating to lose your notes. This post is something in-between a cry for help and a bug report.

If the note is open in editing mode when the computer automatically shuts down due to low battery, the file will have become corrupted when I restart the computer after plugging in a charger. See the picture below.

C International Political (82.7 KB)

Things I have tried

I searched the forum and found other cases when all notes had been corrupted, however, this is not exactly my case. The way the corrupt files appear also seem to indicate a different problem.

What I’m trying to do

At this stage, I assume that I will have to accept this loss and just get to know the degrading state of my laptops battery better.

I wanted the dear developers to see if there are ways to avoid this happening in future updates.

Finally, does anyone know if it is possible to get this lost data back? I uploaded the file above in case you wish to take a look. Sadly, I didn’t backup this folder on any external drive.

Thank you for your support!

I’m just some guy with too much time, but try these…

In Obsidian, if you go to Settings>Core Plugins>File Recovery… is it Turned on? If so, on the left side scroll down to File Recovery, Click View and search for your corrupted file name. There will be versions that were saved on the left side.

Also, the file you uploaded, it contains nothing but a few pages of blank spaces, though it looks like it might be a blank special character. There is no information there. If you had Version Control turned on, on you computer, then maybe there would be older versions saved. It would be a tab in the file properties, and not anything within Obsidian.

The other post you inserted does not appear to be the same issue as your issue.

Food for thought: Backblaze or Carbonite are relatively inexpensive. The peace of mind I have is worth every penny. I lost an important file once and I restored it in minutes. I could loose my whole laptop and recover everything within a day on a new laptop. This is not an advert, I basically pay for nothing, but I gladly pay for encrypted cloud backup storage.

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Thank you, no idea this plugin existed and luckily it was turned on!

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