Open different vault in same window?

Can obsidian add a feature that can open different vault in one window?


Clarifying: do you mean open two different vaults in the same window?

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Thanks! I edited the title slightly to reflect that.

Can I ask what your use case for this may be?

I am a CS student, I want to create two vault for my note, one is for CS note, one is for my personal readings: books, articles etc. So I wonder whether Obsidian will support this feature.

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I have a use case for this as well. I need to keep my work notes locally on my laptop, but I’d like to keep my more general notes in a synced location (e.g. Dropbox). I use both throughout my workday, and it would be convenient to have them both in a single window.


I have the exact same use case.

How is it different from putting notes in separating folders but under the same vault?


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I’m not sure if it’s different. This thread is about opening two or more vaults in the same window.

How to do that isn’t really the focus, but a same window/new window choice would be one way.

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I think I am asking for something different because I would want the “Same Window” option to replace the current vault, not add it.

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Yep, that’s different. These folks want multiple vaults per window.


I have the exact same use case.

I used one vault before for my learning notes and for my work notes. It turned out that I was linking notes like this

[[work/dailylog/august/12]] and [[tech/learning/go/coroutine]]

I now use separate vaults and I can save myself with these long linking tags, but I still need to switch between windows and it’s not a good experience IMO.

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Same use case here. I’m migrating my notes from Sublime to Obsidian and it is much better of course but having multiple windows for different vaults (work, personal, side projects, etc) is not the best UX. I just want one app/window to go for my notes. Having multiple windows is hard to find the right window when "alt-tab"ing.

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This question came up, but no one really answered it:

How is it different from putting notes in separating folders but under the same vault?

What would be the downside - in your current workflow - if you used separate folders instead of separate vaults?

Having multiple windows is hard to find the right window when "alt-tab"ing.

I understand that this is a tangent to “multiple vaults in one window”, but you do have alternative options with this specific problem of finding the right window:

  1. I’m not sure if this feature is in Windows natively, but there is an app called VistaSwitcher which lets you cycle between the open windows of one type. So if you use alt-~ instead of alt-tab, it will only cycle through Obsidian windows. (MacOS has this feature natively. Linux, I’m unaware.)

  2. Obsidian also has the URI scheme that can open specific vaults. And any OS should have ways (or an app) that lets you trigger these URIs with a hotkey or something.

Example, if your Vault is named “Work”, this link will take you right there obsidian://vault/Work/

  1. You can also set a hotkey to the Obsidian command “Open another vault” so you can quickly bring up the vault switching window.
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Reviving this thread because as I’m starting to use Obsidian more seriously this is something I’d like to see implemented very much.

In no particular order,

  • logical separation of my personal/work life/etc. (i.e., helps with context switching)
  • not having all my personal notes in sight if I want to show colleagues my work notes
  • having separate tag systems, graphs, etc.
  • making it easier to use different syncing methods for the different vaults
  • not having my personal files readable by IT/my boss/whoever at work that has access to my work vault
  • not having to duplicate windows if I persist in wanting several vaults
  • having different workspace layouts for personal vs work vaults
  • having separate MOCs that automatically refresh according to vault structure/data

I know some of these points could possibly have workarounds using one single vault, but for some users, it would be far easier to have multiple vaults for multiple types of content.

Ill keep the thread going.

Personal and work notes need to be kept separate for obvious Security reasons but my personal notes are just as useful to me at work. I want to be able to access both with out having two separate windows open.

As of Right now I am able to accomplish this using VSCode, and git sync, with a much less pleasant markdown editing/viewing experience.

My process:
I have my personal notes synced from a personal GitHub repo and opened in a vscode workspace. I have my work notes in a different folder synced to a different work repo open in that same workspace. Both “vaults” open in the same window but sync to different locations.

I would love to get a commercial license and use it at work but until this workflow is possible, i’ll be stuck using VScode.

keep it burning!

i use dual/triple MONs.

people just wanna interact with vault1 on left and with vault2 on right.

but the authors/insiders/moderators keep asking how is it differ from “switch” windows in which that single window can only interactive with 1 single vault.

that’s not the way users want, please.

I do get the appeal of having multiple vaults in one window. But you just described two windows. I don’t get it. It sounds like you’re talking about two different things. If you want to have them on separate monitors, can you please explain what you mean by “single window”?

What stops you from doing that right now? Is it a matter of saving the layout?

We’re not the developers. We’re users too. It’s a discussion. Also out of 43000 forum users, there are only 4 likes for this thread, and hundreds - or possibly thousands - of other feature requests for the devs to work on. :man_shrugging:

i mean for now, i HAVE to use 2 windows,

i wish i can use only 1 window.