Open a note in a new pane using the command palette or a keyboard shortcut

Use case or problem

I’m using a stream deck to automate some of my Obsidian usage. I’d like to open my workbench note at the click of a button, or using a hot key, without leaving the note I’m currently editing/viewing.
With the command palette I can use the quick switcher (which I’ve mapped to cmd + O).
But to open the selected note in a NEW pane, I need to use option + click, which I can’t simulate programmatically)

Proposed solution

It would be nice if the quick switcher core plugin had an extra feature “Open in new pane” that could then be mapped to a keyboard shortcut

Current workaround (optional)

Not really. I could maybe replicate something with Keyboard Maestro or Better Touch Tools to simulate the option + enter via a macro.

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I support this request. It’s only a very minor concern, but implementing a command in the command palette allows third-party apps to issue that command via the Advanced URI plugin. Having a command to open a new pane would make automating Obsidian via third-party apps much easier.

(This is the case for my Alfred workflow, which currently has to use some hacky workarounds to open notes in a new pane.)

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You could try to map the command “split vertically” on f.ex. cmd-t, and then open the target note with a different hot key. Better touch tool may be able to execute both in succession.

Mapping a hot key to a note works with plugin “URI commands”.

So the process would be:
cmd-t to open the current note in a new pane
cmd-xyz to open target note in the new pane.