Ongoing sync corruption issues on Windows/Android

What I’m trying to do

Sync reliably across 2 Windows machines and 2 Android devices without my note data being corrupted.

Things I have tried

  • Searched help docs & forum
  • Learned closing Obsidian can cause sync problems; stopped closing it as often and started waiting for the green checkmark before closing (Finish syncing even if window/app is closed)
  • Ensured no vault is stored on any 3rd party sync service such as Dropbox or OneDrive
  • Rebuilt all vaults from scratch on all systems
  • Verified line endings match on disk on all systems (they’re all Unix-style)
  • Ensured git backup is only installed/running on 1 system
  • Increased my git backup interval to every 5 minutes to try to limit the scope of the corruption


I’m using Obsidian every day, across 2 Windows 11 systems and two Android devices. It works fine some of the time, but I keep having problems where I will use Obsidian on one device, and then go to the other device and discover my notes are corrupted. The corruption looks like:

  • Notes entirely missing
  • Notes that were moved are now in both locations
  • Folders that were renamed are now duplicated, with some of the notes missing from the duplicated folder and some still there
  • Two lines concatenated together, such that the second line overwrites part of the first line, like:
    • Expected:
      • Line 1 content
      • Line 2 content
    • Actual:
      • Line 1 cLine 2 content
  • Lines missing
  • Lines duplicated
  • References to other notes are corrupted and no longer work, e.g.:
    • Expected:
      • [[Path/To/File|Link name]]
    • Actual:
      • [[Link nPath/To/F[[File]]To/File|Link name
  • Files that have no local changes are uploaded when remote changes should have been downloaded, erasing the remote changes
  • In one example, in the sync history, the file was uncorrupted before being moved, and after being moved on one system, on the other system it contains some line-wise corruption. The only operation I did was move it, I didn’t make any edits.

Renaming or moving folders seems to really exacerbate the problem. I’m less likely to see major, structural corruption if I don’t reorganize things. But I do still see line-wise corruption.

When I check the sync log, it almost never says there was a conflict. I’ve seen it say it had a conflict once or twice, and the conflict was resolved appropriately in those cases.

I’m paying for Sync and I would really like for it to work correctly. I tried some other non-Sync solutions and they weren’t nearly as clean/seamless as sync is supposed to be.