Old metadata {{date}} broke on daily note template edit

What I’m trying to do

I attempted to add a full date field to my daily template metadata for future notes, but updating this broke my previously working metadata. This was added before the metadata → properties update.

Here is this working on an older note:
Here is the updated daily note template, after I added the new date property:
As you can see, it broke my old properties when I added a new one. For some reason, aliases were unaffected.

Here’s the git diff that occurred:

I’ve tried to update this, but I must be missing something.
Editing the file manually and adding these like so:

This results in strange behavior inside of obsidian…

I’m not certain if this is a bug, or I’m simply using properties in a way that metadata supported, but wasn’t necessarily intended.

Looking at the screenshots I see that there is a big mess between properties type and their actual value. Numbers are added as strings (with the quotation marks). Date is added as string.

Your template must produce valid YAML and the YAML produced needs also to be consistent with the property types you choose in Obsidian.