YAML Front Matter Issue

Hello all,
I am new to Obsidian and have been enjoying learning it for school. I currently have a workflow set-up with Zotero that seems to be causing intermittent issues. I have a template that inserts the meta data from the Zotero file into YAML Front Matter and sometimes it experiences an error. I am not a master at any of this and could use some assistance.

I have the template I am using set-up as seen below:

The information always populates in the Metadata section but intermittently works for the Properties section.

Successful Example

Unsuccessful Example

If it helps with diagnosing the issue, the meta data from Zotero looks like this for the file that is not working

I appreciate any assistance that can be lent!

Maybe this could help? (Scroll up to see the entire exchange.)

A text property can’t include all characters when unescaped. In your case, it’ll have a problem with the colon, :, in that title for starters. To make that title valid, you’ll need to enclose it in quotes, ". How to do that in your zotero template I’m not sure of. In a perfect world, you could possibly do: Title: "{{title}}".

Hey ariehen and holroy! I was getting so frustrated that I asked the same question on the Discord server and got a very similiar answer to holroy’s. I appreciate the help!

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