Offset caused by starting bullet point line with RTL language

Use case or problem

I start a bullet point line with an RTL language, e.g. Hebrew. The text overflows to the next line, but in live preview, this leaves an indent where the next line starts in line with the beginning of the Hebrew word:

Looking at the console, I can see the element is getting indents applied directly to it: {
    text-indent: -74px;
    padding-inline-start: 78px;

Proposed solution

Don’t indent in live preview, in the same way it does not indent in reading mode

Current workaround (optional)

Not currently worked out if CSS can fix this

we don’t support mixed ltr/rtl. there is an open FR for it.

For clarity, the FR that I think you are referencing is about intelligently working out which direction a paragraph should be based on the language.

What I’m reporting here is assuming that I’m happy to use LTR for whatever text I write, but I’m getting an incorrect indent.

Let be me clearer, at the moment we don’t natively support mixing LTR and RTL neither in the same line, nor in the same document, nor in the same vault.

There are third party plugins for the first two.
Currently, Obsidian provides a vault level switch between RTL/LTR.