OCR images/screenshots to make them searchable

During meetings, I often paste screenshots containing large blocks of text. It would be valuable to be able to have search include the words from those blocks of text. For instance, if I had this image in a page

It would be great if anytime that I searched “life’s work”, that image would be included.


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I do miss this funcionality too.
That is still one of the bigget advantage of OneNote agianst any other tool :frowning:


Yes. I’m taking notes from a video right now (lots of screenshots pasted right into obsidian)… I used to do this in onenote and now I can’t search the images.

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If you store your vault in Dropbox, you can already search for text in images, since Dropbox has automatic OCR.


+1000 I would honestly pay monthly for OCR


There are at least two choises to get OCR working in Obsidian for now:

I haven’t tried the Tesseract installation yet, but I’ve used the Taskbone service. At least it’s easy to setup and it works well, but I understand that in some cases it’s not desirable to send private data to a third party to process.

A core plugin would be welcome, I think. I took a quick glance on the Tesseract installation instructions, and it didn’t look too difficult, but I wish a plugin could download the Tesseract binary automatically. Now you need to download it manually on Windows & Linux. On Mac you can use a brew command.


I’ve created a plugin request that we should FUND and get made: Searchable OCR

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I’ll add one more. Why stop at OCR? Also use AI to determine content if these are images. see a pic of a car? Create a car tag


OCR would be a big help, since the information in my notes is often in the form of screenshots.