Obsidian window goes blank during note editing

Things I have tried

  • Clicked Help > Show debug info. Nothing displayed. Window remained blank.
  • Searched forum for ‘blank screen’ and ‘blank window’. Found one entry for the same issue. Moderator closed the topic and told the submitter to resubmit as a bug report and to use only the default template with no community plugins, which would defeat the purpose because my workflow relies on some of the plugins. I have switched to the default template and will follow up with results.
  • I used View > Force Reload to regain a usable display (I had been closing and reopening before I discovered this action).


The notes in which this occurred have been lengthy. I paste in transcripts from instructional video audio transcripts, some reaching about an hour in audio duration. I then distil and paraphrase the content and create and link to shorter notes for each included concept.

I’m using version 0.15.9, which reports as the current version.

If there’s some other template for bug reporting, I’ve not found it.

Using the default template does not correct the issue.

It’s the one you deleted before writing your post.

The moderators are trying to steer you in the proper direction to isolate what is causing your problem.

If you use the sandboxed vault with no plug ins, and the issue is still there, its an Obsidian bug, and needs to be reported on the proper bug reporting form. If the sandboxed vault with no plug ins works, then the bug is in one of your plug ins. The you need to try to figure out what plug in bu loading half of them, and testing. If it works, unload the activated plug ins and load the other half. in one of these halves, the problem should occur. them you need to put of half of that set, test and see if your problem shows, if not load the other of these. eventually you will find the problem plug in. Once the problem plug in is isolated, you can contact the plug in author for a fix.


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I deactivated all community plugins and continued working in the default theme. The window blanking continues. The Help > Show Debug Info command does nothing (or is doing something I can’t see because the screen isn’t rendering content).

  1. download and reinstall obsidian.
  2. Enter restricted mode, use default theme.
  3. Post a screen recording of this happening.

This happen too to me, usually if I scroll down or up in the current note the text will reappear.

I implemented items 1 and 2. I tried item 3 (using SnagIt Pro 2022) but the recording stopped shy of the (estimated) 35 minute point when the issue manifested. The frequency of the window blanking varies from a few minutes to over an hour. I will try again to capture it occurring.

It seems to coincide with edits. I’ve not yet determined if the specific edit action is always the same. I’ll watch for that.

Finally caught it on video. This starts at the 24:00 minute mark of the editing session. The window blanks about 30 seconds later. I was using a new install of the current Obsidian official release, in restricted mode, with the default theme.

Video: Dropbox - obsidian-window-blanking.mp4 - Simplify your life