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Hi Everyone,
I am new to Obsidian community, and, firstly I must say this is just awesome community, and Obsidian wonderful + promising app… Anyway, I am learning to use Obsidian step-by-step of course constantly using it; one thing I find Obsidian lacks is either the plugin or outside-the-app gadget like WebClipper. Well, I went through forum and it is still very, not confusing, but kind of limited:

If anyone has the idea how to make WebClipper with the following:

  • to simplify web article (exactly what Evernote does);
  • to Bookmark page simply by making it as a link and to store it in a separate folder/note.
  • to take a screenshot or even full page (but I guess that can be tricky with all conversions to .md, but anyway who needs full web page?)

Thank you all.

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A variety of these exist already:

Searching the forum and the web for others will also return more results!

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