Obsidian URL does not work reliably


I have had the experience several times that Obsidian URLs that have been inserted into other apps such as Notes, Things etc. do not lead to the desired Obsidian document when called up.
The error message “Document not found” appears.

If I then copy the Obsidian URL again and paste it into the same app, it works.
If I compare the two URLs exactly, they are absolutely identical.

Is there possibly an explanation for this?

Many thanks

I am having the same issue.

Paste the URLs exactly as they appear. Especially if you have two identical URLs and one works. Paste them both here for comparison.

Without seeing the actual URL, it’s impossible to know.

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Have a look at the forum formatting tips before pasting the URL here.

Is this on desktop, mobile, or both? Could you also detail the steps you take, e.g., 1. Right click on tab → “Copy Obsidian URL” 2. Open Notes → paste URL, etc… Thanks!

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Did you figure out why this happens? I have the same issue, link is fine but from time to time Obsidian fails to open it, if I click on the link the second time it works

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