Obsidian Tabs - a tabbed pane management plugin

Hi. The latest update of Obsidian seems to run slow with Obsidian tabs turned on. When I turn it off, performance is okay. (on a Mac)

Hi, is this on version 0.12.3 with the latest version of Obsidian Tabs (1.0.5)?

If so, that’s odd, as I am currently on 0.12.3 without any issues.

I don’t have a Mac to test for issues unfortunately. ):

Is there anything unusual in the console log?

@forever: just some feedback from another Mac user: I have not experienced the slowdown @hulk refers to. I am using Obs version 0.12.3.

I’ve switched Obsidian Tabs and Pane Relief on again, and things seem to be working fine. I also read that performance was affected in Google Drive which I am using, so perhaps that is the root of the issue? Apologies for raising unnecessary alarm, but when I switched off those two plugins yesterday, the problem did disappear, but now I don’t think they were causally linked. I may need to look at Obsidian sync now.

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I can’t figure out how to slip the tabs into two vertical groups like in the first post. Whenever I split the note into two and want to open the others in tab it continues to split it further and just divides the screen into more notes. I am also using Minimal theme so it is possible that it is compatibility issue.

Once you’ve split it into two panes which are side by side, click the three dot menu in the top right corner of a pane, and split it vertically. That should create tabs.

A vey nice plugin! I like it better than sliding panes. Thank you!

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@romanov.maxim: I do too. Before the tabs plug-in I thought I could not live without it. I have now ditched for the tabs plug-in as I much prefer that.

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In my case, the Plugin seems quite buggy. Many times I try to split a black pane occurs. The handling of vertical/horizontal splitting seems very counter intuitive. Often, no logic is recognizable whether a pane appears horizontally or vertically; sometimes closing a vertically splitted pane results in collapsing every splitting resulting in just on pane with tabs. Are there any plans to implement tabs for panes properly and “natively”?


With the new patches there is this annoying problem of tab buttons cluttering the name of the note

The funny thing is that these buttons don’t even work (for me i don’t care, i’m trying to understand how to hide them)

@Blackout: try this

.view-actions {
    display: none;

It works but i should be able to have the buttons on the active tab so i can close it.
How can i do this display:none only on the other tabs?
Sorry if it’s a stupid question but i have zero experience on css

You could consider closing the active tab in a much easier way:


Well i still want to be able to open the notes options (three dots button)

How about this:

.view-actions {
    opacity: 0;

.view-actions:hover {
    opacity: 1;

When you then hover over the top right-hand corner, the 3 icons become visible and you can chhose which one to click on.

This is working but it doesn’t solve the problem, the part of the buttons it’s just greyd out until you hover over it, but the result is the same, you can’t see the full name of the note because of useless space occupies it


I am not an expert by a ling stretch of the imganiation, so I cannot help you any further, sorry.

If, however, you ask in the #appearance channel on Discord, I am sure you’ll get it sorted out as there are some truly amazing CSS gurus.

I would love for this to feel like a native-ide experience

We have not seen @forever for a long time on this forum or on Discord.

I think this is plugin is extremely useful, essential if anything.

Worst case, it would be nice if someone tookover the project. Thankfully, OP has pushed changes to the repository within the last week? I would like to see some major changes, one way or another! :cowboy_hat_face:

  1. Rethink tab behaviour. Instead of forcing every tab to smush together on one line by default, with the option of allowing for them to be displayed on a second line within the plugin’s settings; keep every tab on one line, nicely spaced and allow for that to be scrollable.

  1. One tab, per file should really base-line factor imo.