Obsidian Sync. Spontaneous deletion of attached files

I’ve run into this situation many times before. Sometimes, all of a sudden, removal begins. I used to think it was caused by the unique-attachments plugin. This plugin renames attachments, making their names unique. A hash function (MD5) is used to generate the filename, so the filename is indeed unique.
But you can see from the video that all plugins are now turned off.

Before that there was another problem, which I was able to solve thanks to the help of @WhiteNoise - Obsidian Sync. There's something strange in it or it's a bug
, maybe again the problem in the VeraCrypt, that I use.
Maybe somehow the file names affect this deletion? I don’t know what to think.
I restarted obsidian several times, tried to unmount and mount the container of VeraCrypt for the Vault. Nothing - file deletion continues.

Steps to reproduce

Last night I completely synchronized my home computer - everything worked, there were no problems. Came to work and wanted to continue working, but instead - started this spontaneous deletion of attached files. I have already got used to look at the synchronization log every time, because this self-deletion of files from time to time occurs to my vault for unknown reasons.

Here’s the 27 sec video:

Expected result

Nothing should happen. The vault should remain unchanged.

Actual result

Spontaneous deletion of attached files


  • Operating system: Win 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.4

Frankly, I am very tired of it, because manually have to restore HUNDREDS of files, because several times I did not make a backup. I’ve been transferring my database from OneNote for a few months now. It’s crazy.

Please help me solve this problem!

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

This screen recording show that on your work computer, those files were not present. Obsidian thought that this version of the vault was more up date and delete the files in the remote vault.

I am no conviced that this is a problem with obsidian or the leftover mess by the plugin you are using or your complicated setup (veracrypt and so on).

So my advice is to start fresh.

  • delete your current remove vault.
  • set up a computer with the files the way you want them.
  • Create a remote vault and fully sync it.
  • Create a new vault in your work computer, connect it to the remote vault and let it sync.

Don’t use that plugin for a while.

If it happens again, post open a new bug report.