Obsidian Sync - how to sync only some community plugins to mobile

What I’m trying to do

Trying to sync some but not all plugins to mobile, using Obsidian sync

Things I have tried

I see there is a setting Active community plugin list, described as “Sync which community plugins are enabled” but it appears to be just a toggle, I am expecting it to ask me which ones. I restarted Obsidian, still nothing. I looked in individual plugin settings to see if they all had a new setting: no. I then checked to see if there was a new palette command for this: no

Apparently I can create a folder .obsidian-mobile:

And I suppose I could copy folders from the plugins folder to a plugins folder there, but then I would have a duplicate copy of those plugins, which is probably fine but I am not sure that is the best way.

So what is the right way to do this?

I have not tried it but rflmorais’s workaround …

"change the value of the "isDesktopOnly": to true in the manifest.json file under the plugin folder

… might be worth looking at.

Basically none of the settings under Vault configuration sync in Obsidian (Windows 11) seem to do anything. None of these settings cause settings to change on mobile (Android)

I did not change the same settings on Android because I don’t want to push the settings from mobile to my desktop version. Both devices are connected to the same remote vault and the vault itself syncs fine. I’ll probably email the official support tomorrow.

It seems I do have to change the settings on the mobile side too. I’ll see if the plugins appear on mobile now after a few minutes. Then I will see if I can “sync which community plugins are enabled” and “sync installed community plugins and their settings” after that somehow after that.

YEP, that was it! I see all my plugins in the mobile settings now and I can toggle them on individually on the mobile side.

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