Obsidian Stutters/Lags (plugin or theme problem)

I have been having significant, intermittent lagging/stuttering in my use of Obsidian. It tends to happen when I don’t use Obsidian for a few minutes and then try to type, copy/paste, or navigate in an .md file (although the delays also occur intermittently when I am using Obsidian over a period of time).

The lags usually last around 2-3 seconds. The frequency of these lags can create a fairly painful experience.

Below is a low-resolution screenshot of the lags. In this screenshot is the following sequence of actions (as you trace the cursor and see Obsidian have a delayed response):

  1. a lag in highlighting text
  2. a lag in scrolling through the .md file
  3. a lag in scrolling through the TOC on the right side
  4. a lag when clicking a TOC heading (on the right side of the screen in the TOC panel)
  5. then, things tend to speed up at the end with scrolling (but they get laggy once I again as the app is being used)

Obsidian Lag Screenshot

My vault size is around 260.4 MB (approximately 3,100 files). My vault is synced via Dropbox.

I am using v.0.12.19.

This has been happening for quite some time without any clear resolution.

Any help or guidance on what might be causing these delays/lags?

Many thanks in advance!

Enable safe mode and use the base theme. Does it still happen?

Thanks for the help @WhiteNoise. I enabled safe mode and reverted to the base theme. So far there is no lag. This is a good sign. The lag is intermittent, so I will continue to use it to monitor if the lag issues continues to be resolved.

However, if it does resolve the lag issue, what does this mean for using plugins and changing themes? Does this mean that some plugin or theme is causing the lag? How do I diagnose what is causing the lag when those components are turned on?

Thanks again for the help!

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A plugins is likely causing the problem (or the theme).
I suggest you to progressively enable plugins (or a few at a time) to find which one is causing problem and send a report to the author of that plugin.

There are faster way to figure out but they require some technical chops.

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