Obsidian Plugin of the Year 2020 nomination thread

The deadline to nominate is 11:59 pm EST on December 15. Reply in this thread to nominate.

If you’ve made a third-party plugin for Obsidian, submit it here to enter the Plugin of the Year Award 2020!

Ideally the author can nominate themselves, but if you’re loving a plugin and the author hasn’t nominated themselves yet, feel free to nominate them.

If you have made multiple plugins, please nominate the one you like the best. :smiley:

In your reply, please include:

  • Plugin name
  • Author name
  • Link to repository if any
  • Screenshot or screencast if any
  • Backstory or comment (tweet-sized, 280 characters max)

The deadline to nominate is 11:59 pm EST on December 15. Reply in this thread to nominate.

After the deadline, we’ll compile the results, remove the duplicate entries, and move on to the voting phase.


Sliding Panes (Andy’s Mode) by death_au (me!)

Once, I was going to build my own note taking/linking app. I had a prototype of sliding panes inspired by Andy Matuschak’s public notes.
Not long after discovering Obsidian, I made a custom CSS snippet which quickly became popular. Now, as a plugin, the future is wide open!

+1 for Sliding Panes! (Andy Mode!) by @death.au

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@Klaas, @tallguyjenks, while I appreciate the praise, this thread is just for nominations, votes will come later :smile:

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Obsidian Git


Denis Olehov (denolenov)




Commits in the last few days


I currently have seven plugins installed and they all bring joy to my use of Obsidian. I had to nominate this one, however, because it silently automates something that is essential for me: version-controlled backups. Peace of mind is priceless.


@death.au: good point. Silver’s instructions are clear enough. Nevertheless, there are always those who carried away by their enthusiasm. I’ll try to behave.


Advanced Tables by Tony Grosinger

It makes Obsidian so much more powerful, because of the option to write tables comfortable. Just type |, a word and press tab. The table is there, no extra annoying | to write.


+1 !!!

The plugin of the year 2020 has to go to Andy’s sliding panes!!!

and the best theme is 80s Neon by death.au!!!

I would like to nominate the following plugin:

author: Liam Cain
repo: https://github.com/liamcain/obsidian-calendar-plugin

Comment: I use this plugin basically every day.
It integrates very nicely with the rest of Obsidian and should IMO be part of the official core. It nothing really flashy or shiny but just keeps working solidly.


It’s so great. But i am confused about the reading problem, since each page’s title name are showed vertically, it’s not friendly to read each title quickly.

@fanhojo: this is not the thread to address this. Anyway, the verticality can be put back to horizontality using this toggle:

Sliding panes I like for general use, but Tables have been the game changer for my flow and tracking my Quarter and personal goals.


Plugin name: Extract Highlights
Author name: Alexis Rondeau
Link to repository if any: https://github.com/akaalias/extract-highlights-plugin
Screenshot or screencast if any: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWdEatdD2bo


I can’t believe no one’s nominated Day Planner by JL yet.

This has been a gamechanger for my own workflow, and the customisation options help fit the day plan into many different ways of using it.

Where do you find that toggle?

@unsu: in the settings of the “sliding pane” plug-in.

How do you get the timeline for Day Planner displayed in a side panel? Don’t find anything in the settings. I’m using Minimal Theme.

EDIT: found it. There’s indeed a setting :flushed:.

There is a command to show the timeline which should load it in the side panel. You need to have an active day planner for content to be displayed in the timeline view.

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