Obsidian Plugin in Nextcloud

Dear People,

today I wanted to share with you an idea I had when reviewing my workflow with Obsidian and Nextcloud. Since I am currently syncing and using Obsidian over Nextcloud and Nextcloud Notes, which I already wrote about here. I recommend you to check it out, so you get the picture.

Thinking further in this direction, I tought to myself: Why not have a Nextcloud-Plugin, which works like Nextcloud-Notes. You could have your Obsidian Vault as normal, but additionally you would have a webinterface in your nextcloud-instance (since Nextcloud Notes is already doing that with markdown files)?

The cool thing is, you could then have an app on your phone, which syncs with your nextcloud-server (like the NC Notes App). You could even do that with the obsidian-app itself, create a configuration option for Nextcloud instances. Which is kind of a buzzkill for Obsidian Sync, I am aware of that. But I think there lies great potential in self-hosted solutions and I think they could be very well integrated into obsidian.

Thinging even further ahead: Why not develop a self-hosted solution for obsidian and have a server-based licence (I would pay for that).

Please let me know what you think! And also let me know, if you would be up for developing something like that (the NC Plugin, not a Server-based Obsidian - that would be insane as a hobby project).


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Hi :wave:

I’m newer here and maybe I will use Obsidian as my note software instead of Boostnote app.

But, it’s a pity that Obsidian is not under Free Software license. I wouldn’t extend on this subject, I read about this in another topic ^^’

I’m a web developer for Arawa and I created the Workspace app for Nextcloud.

If the community needs some ressources :

  1. The Nextcloud community forum : https://help.nextcloud.com/
  2. How to generate an application : Generate app - App Store - Nextcloud
  3. The tutorial and developer documentation to develop on Nextcloud : Tutorial — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation
  4. A development environment to develop under Nextcloud : GitHub - juliushaertl/nextcloud-docker-dev: Nextcloud development environment using docker-compose

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me here or on the Nextcloud forum via a new topic with my pseudo “z4k”.

Hoping to help you and the community :slightly_smiling_face: