Nextcloud and Obsidian on Mobile

Hey there!

Today I wanted to show you my syncing-setup with Nextcloud and Obsidian, which works surprisingly well.

Before Nextcloud I was completely dependend on Onedrive (Windows User since 9 years old). But after I got my own server for fun, I educated myself more and more about privacy, and came to the shocking conclusion, that I don’t want microsoft to have controll over my files.
Nextcloud was fairly easy to install. At first I wasn’t grasping the whole power I now got under my hands.

But after I descided to move everything to my server, I started experimenting. There are quite some apps for mobile to use with your nextcloud-server. One of them is called “Nextcloud Notes”. I installed it, and you can point it to a folder on your server, where it will then store the notes as markdown files.

So I pointed it to the “inbox” Folder of my Vault - and voilà, I am now able to jot down a note in seconds on mobile, and have it instantly synced with my inbox-folder. The only downside to this is, that I don’t have all the features of Obsidian, like linking, etc. But I use this system now for over 6 Months, and I don’t even need those features, when it has to be quick.

When I get back to my Vault on my PC then, I sort everything (weekly sometimes) and link everything. The cool thing is, also notes I create in my vault in this folder get linked to the app!

Also: when you cteate categories in the App, they are just folders in the inbox-folder!

Find some screenshots attached below. I hope someone can use this.


This is my vault in Obsidian:

And this is the Notes App:

And here is the Server:


Hi :wave:

Why you don’t use the Obsidian mobile instead of the Nextcloud Notes mobile ?

It makes sense, no ? :thinking:

Well, i have almost 3000 Notes in my vault, and Obsidian on mobile is getting really slow. I am just experimenting with syncing just one folder with obsidian sync, but nextcloud notes is lightning fast…

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Really cool !!! Don’t hesitate to share your experience on the Nextcloud Forum!! :smiley:

Do you meet issues when you synchronize between your Obsidian and Nextcloud? Are you getting well your files / vault on your machines synchronized ?

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Hey there, thanks! I will!

As of now this method is the best for my usecase, and I don’t encounter any problems. In fact it runs so well, and the mobile app is so fast, that I prefer this method over Obsidian Sync. Which is a bummer for the Obsidian Team, but what you gotta do…