Obsidian plugin? for Discord Server and social media

Is the new Bookmarks Core Plugin compatible with a Discord Server?

Would like to implement my Discord Server with the same setup as my Obsidian setup.

Pardon? Compatible in what way? The same, how?

LOL…Sorry my question is not clear…mea culpa!!
Nicole Vanderhoven’s video was about the core plugin and its possible uses. Obsidian Bookmarks - new in Obsidian v1.2 (now available to all) - YouTube
I quite possibly misunderstood her on how she was able to use Obsidian with Discord. With ‘Bookmarks’ now being more than ‘starred’ it seemed to me that Obs. can now be used to put info. on to a Server more easily.
Basically, I want to use my Obs. bookmarks and notes with/on a my Server.
Hopefully this helps you understand more.

13:40pm - edit/update
Here is the link that got me thinking about an Obsidian Vault as a second publically available vault that can be used in a Discord Server. By organizing the public vault for the topic of the Discord server it would…possibly allow people on a Server to see such things as ‘flowchart/MOC’ or whatever you want to call it. GitHub - lukeleppan/obsidian-discordrpc: Update your Discord Status to show your friends what you are working on in Obsidian. With Discord Rich Presence.

Hello, once again I’m back with a revised question.
Please bear with me as I ask for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Discord and Facebook can be connected…true!!
Next, I want to LINK my research done using Obsidian to a Discord Server AND Facebook.

Is there an Obsidian plugin for this???
Or, do I need to create a plugin to somehow work with/between ALL three programs? Obsidian-Discord Server-Facebook …or any other social media apps that clamour for our attention?

PS. I may have to consult my 2yr old grandaughter for more insight. :slight_smile:

Sorry there, I truly have no idea what you’re talking about, or what are you imagining this connection would do. :smiley:

I suggest you specify precisely what this connection would entail. Imagine you are successful and the two apps are connected. What exactly does that mean? What are you hoping to see on each end? What data would get passed? What would you do with it?

(Also, personally, I’m unfollowing this thread. I don’t have any answers for you. I’m just giving feedback on how you could possibly give more information, so maybe someone else can answer.)

Thanks for answering.

Closing because discussion has moved to Plugin to connect to multiple social sites

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