Plugin to connect to multiple social sites

I’ve moved this topic from another category to clarify my question.

My question can be summarized by asking a general question first.
1 - Is there a plugin that will allow the typical Obsidian user to post their own notes directly to their own Discord server and their Facebook page simultaneously?

For example there is a service that connects Discord-Facebook.
Is there a plugin for Obsidian that will allow me to send new notes to these sites such as this service does?

I don’t think there is such a plugin. Did you search in Settings > Community Plugins > Browse?

If there is a Zapier zap that accepts plain text or text files, you could probably use the Share sheet (or the Windows/Android equivalent) to send a note to the zap and then on to Discord and Facebook, without even needing a plugin.

If you want to send all of your notes automatically, you could use a folder-watching app to detect when new notes are created, but then I don’t know how to connect that to Zapier because it seems to focus on online services.

Actually if you store the vault in Dropbox, I’m sure they have a Dropbox integration, so maybe you could do a “when a new text file is created in Dropbox, send to Discord and Facebook” sort of flow. (I looked into Zapier a while back but haven’t used it, so I don’t know exactly what actions are available.)

The ‘folder-watching’ system looks quite interesting and may be a good solution.
I will mark this as solved for now and do more research on it.
Thanks very much for the suggestion.

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