🔗 Obsidian Note Linker: Automatically find and create new links between notes

Obsidian Note Linker is a plugin, which (as the name suggests) lets users find and create new links between notes.
By scanning each note of the vault for occurrences of other note names (or aliases), it suggests a list of new potential links, which can be created with the click of a button.
Never worry about forgetting to link a note again!


The plugin is written in Rust and Typescript, and currently available as a beta here on GitHub.


Works like a charm for single notes! But when I scan my whole vault with 1100 Notes the list of results gets so laggy that it is almost unresponsive.

Anyhow, for my workflow it is perfect: I save articles with the Markdownload Extension, and later I quickly scan them with your plugin for links.

Try this! GitHub - dxcore35/obs_batch-linkr: Various python tools/scripts to work with Obsidian data

I linked 10K+ notes in a minute.

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