Obsidian markmind : a mindmap , outline , pdf annotate plugin for obsidian

Hello everyone!

I recently released the obsidian markmind plugin for obsidian.


  1. edit node
  2. add or remove individual nodes
  3. drag node to another node
  4. undo/redo
  5. add summary
  6. add boundary
  7. add node relate link
  8. add free node
  9. pdf annotate

github & downloads




This plugin support mobile and PC


This is actually a really amazing plugin for everyone that likes mindmaps. Im contrast to James Lynch’ mind map plugin, this one enables to actually create the mind map vs just seeing a note rendered as mindmap. I’m experimenting to use this as a graphical spatial alternative to my Home MOC.


I’m using this - it’s fantastic!

How to find file path at ipad?

I have downloaded fileza but unable to find, is jailbreak required?

pls help.


I love this feature,thanks for your work

Hello community friends, I have just downloaded MarkMind-Obsidian. But I have no idea how to import it to Obsidian. Anyone can give me a hand? Thanks in advance.

The best way is download it in the third-party plug-in market or put main.js , style.css and manifest.json to a folder like this



Thanks Warm!

Why not install it directly from community themes?

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I am not able to get the plugin to work. I have added the YAML and tried both Basic and Rich. I am obviously missing something.
I downloaded it through the Community Plugs and have enabled it.
I have followed: MarkMind, but I am still showing a standard preview.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are there detailed instructions somewhere on how to get started, as well as the more advanced features?

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You can look at this website

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Thanks, I will work on this.

Hi, I just bought the full subscription of mark mind. But I don’t know how to put in the activation code. It shows the "probation period ihas ended or active code has expired ". Can anyone help?

Hi, I purchased the full version but I can’t figure out how to get the PDF annotation feature to work. PDFJS is installed and the path set, the license key has been entered, a PDF viewer does launch and it even has “Annotations” as an item in the drop-down menu, but that’s as far as I can get. Does anyone know what I might be missing? Thank you.

Please see it markmind-docs

Thank you for you awsome plugin!
I want to report a very annoying bug, when dealing with bigger mindmaps i have to zoom in and out many times, the problem is that when you do this very often it happens that the plugin loses focus in a very weird and buggy way so that i have to close and re-open the note again

Paid for the full version so I could have the pdf annotation function. Followed the install pdfjs instructions on the git and the website many times. Triple checked the file path for both the pdfjs folder and pdf reader fields. In the note “more options” can see the “Annotate pdf” command. But when I press it, the pdf does not open in the pdf reader. Does this feature still work in Obsidian 1.0? Is there perhaps a conflict with Obsidian’s pdf reader?

Edit: already inserted my activation key.


Please see this : markmind-docs

The reason may be the pdfjs plugin path is not correct
you can try this :

  • check your pdfjs path in setting tab of pc version
  • check the pdfjs folder
  • reset setting and try it again

I just noticed some ChatGPT features here, is or will this plugin be feeding our data to AIs now?
I haven’t “input the apikey of chatGPT”, so I guess my data stays in my devices.

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