Obsidian Linked Handwriting

Use case or problem

I absolutely love obsidian (don’t we all) and have adopted it into my workflow over the past 2 years at university where I study Mathematics and Computer Science. For the most part, I write out all of my equations and PDF annotations on my iPad as it allows me to make comments in mathematical notation without having to use LaTeX.

I, of course, would like to pull all of these concepts and annotations into Obsidian without losing the placement and relative structure of the note, as many handwriting converters do. As well, without taking a screenshot of the note as I must go through and provide the wiki links in a way that doesn’t “flow” as well as the original annotated document and requires another data entry step.

I would love it if Obsidian came to the iPad or implemented handwriting somehow and allowed me to work on notes with my handwriting and link those markings to other markings in the same way the desktop app allows for linking using wiki links. I’m not sure how far off the team is from implementing this but it would take Obsidians use cases to the next level for me and know many people willing to pay for such an application!

Proposed solution

Add handwriting support where the handwritten markings can be turned into wiki links for other documents within a vault.

Current workaround

I am currently not bringing any of my handwritten notes into Obsidian as that would require another data entry step and waste the finite amount of time I have to study each day.



I’m a little confused by what you mean here. Obsidian is already available for the iPad. I personally handwrite into my vault using the Onyx Boox pretty often.

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While Obsidian is available for handwriting to text on IPad it does not allow for freely handwritten notes or PDF annotations as I outlined In my post.

please add handwritten notes feature,and it will be game changer to lots of people like me

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