Obsidian like iA Writer - the easy way

As a graphic designer I’ve tried out other Obsidian themes based on the acclaimed iA Writer, none of them ever come close to iA Writer’s minimalist philosophy. Always dissatisfied, I finally found a simple and beautiful solution.

How to set up your Obsidian like iA Writer the easy way!

The Trick

  1. Install the amazing Theme Yin-and-Yang by Chetachi
    GitHub - chetachiezikeuzor/Yin-and-Yang-Theme: An Obsidian.md theme with a stark contrast between dark mode and light mode, much like the Yin and Yang symbol ☯️.

  2. Install the Plugin Style Settings from Matthew Meyers
    GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-style-settings: Dynamically creates a user interface for adjusting theme, plugin, and snippet CSS variables)

  3. Install the iA Writer Fonts on your computer
    Free trials of iA Writer, free templates and the Mono, Duo and Quattro fonts

  • iA Writer Quattro S
  • iA Writer Duo S
  • iA Writer Mono S
  1. Copy the code below
  "Yin and [email protected]@l-accent": "#00BAFF",
  "Yin and [email protected]@d-accent": "#00BAFF",
  "Yin and [email protected]@base-h": 205,
  "Yin and [email protected]@base-s": 18,
  "Yin and [email protected]@base-d": 5,
  "Yin and [email protected]@default-font": "iA Writer Quattro S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@preview-font": "iA Writer Quattro S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@header-font-pre": "iA Writer Quattro S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@editor-font": "iA Writer Quattro S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@header-font-ed": "iA Writer Quattro S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@font-monospace": "iA Writer Mono S",
  "Yin and [email protected]@l-blockquote": "#00BAFF",
  "Yin and [email protected]@d-blockquote": "#00BAFF"
  1. Go to Plugin Option, select the plugin Style Settings and you will see that the plugin “Yin-and-Yang” has been identified.

  2. Just click Import option, after that just paste the code and save.

  3. Enjoy!


Thanks for this. What benefit do you find with IA Writer please?

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Instead of installing iA Writer just to get the fonts you can download them directly here: GitHub - iaolo/iA-Fonts: Free variable writing fonts from iA . One can read about their fonts over here in this blog post: iA Writer has three custom made writing fonts that are available for download

They are lovely fonts. I use them too.

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For the use of the IAW specifically the benefits are aesthetic

  1. useful minimalist interface
  2. But the main thing for me is when I generate a PDF for reports this file is extremely beautiful and minimalist.

Only now I can use these two benefits in OBSIDIAN, in its interface and when I generate a PDF.

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Works great. Many thanks!

Edit: For some reason iA Writer Quattro S is always ‘bold’ on iPad, so I changed it for iA Writer Duo S, to have consistency between my desktop and iPad.

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I noticed the same thing. I managed to work around it by using https://transfonter.org/ web site to convert them, and adding the generated CSS to my theme CSS. Admittedly it pushed up the size of the theme CSS to 5mb (!), but hey, I find it to be worth it as it now looks good on both my iPad and my iPhone too.

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Thanks for the tip! I will try it

@valantien Sir, thank you. This is a fantastic setup. Now, “iAWriter” works as it should :sunglasses:.

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PKM brazilians user have to help each other :wink:

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